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From her daughter - Aylin Tangor Beskok

When we decided to build a web page for my mother, I volunteered to write about her. We can write lots of things about her art life, her exhibitions and artistic development, but I would like to tell you why she paints every day, and which of her characteristics made her become such a talented painter.

First, she reflects her inner world to canvas well, you can track her feelings just by looking at her paintings. At one point in her life, she was having a hard time, and during that period she drew just black and dark shades and depressed motives. Even she was surprised by the gloomy feelings of her art.

Nowadays her colors are impossibly vibrant and stunning. I think this is a unique characteristic that every painter must have, a reflection of themselves.

Second, she is the most dedicated person I have ever known in my life. She started painting in her forties and never stopped, not even a single day. Practice makes it perfect, right? My mother is a very good example of that. She worked and worked and worked. 

Lastly, she developed herself day by day. If you click the early works you can see her evolution. She never said “Ok I’m done, this is my style from now on, and I can keep painting similar things”. She spends a lot of time researching. She isn't afraid of novelty, on the contrary, she always explores new techniques and new styles.


Don’t we always argue about the importance of talent or hard work, about which is more important? Now my mother is a good example of both those traits: she is very talented and also a very hardworking person. These are the results.


What do you think?

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